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Ohio Cavy Club

YOUTH -- YOU Are the Future!

YOUTH -- YOU Are the Future!
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The future of the OCC depends on YOU!
Don't sweat the pressure...showing cavies is FUN!!

NEW...interview with a kid.
Application available for anyone that wants to become involved.
A new interview each month--unless applications are entered more often.

Elizabeth Thomas

How many years have you shown cavies? Three.

What do you like most about showing cavies? I get to do my favorite thing...hang out with my guinea pigs and my friends.

What do you like least about cavies?  Cleaning the cages...of course!

What is your best experience with your cavies?  I got to show for BIS with my Himi American, Tessa, and she won RIS!

What is a bad experience with you cavies?  When a cavy gets sick---it happens so fast.  Even if you do all you can sometimes that is not enough.

What advice do you have for beginners?  First, you should start with a short hair.  Second, you should get a sow...boars have that stinky pouch!!!

What do you want to accomplish for show season 2005?  It would be great to have a BIS!



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